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I am a Multidisciplinary Artist.

I come from a lineage of nomadic women who make beautiful Art. In every piece you will find traces of the women who groomed me and the places we’ve lived. 


I capture light, darkness, moments, feelings, scents, places, and colors in my work. I use all of the pieces to create a full story I can share. 

My current project is titled, "Black and Colored." An abstract Fine Arts Collection. Symbolizing my dual experiences in the Universe. My experiences in the light and the dark. 


Born in Suriname, raised in The Netherlands, groomed in Atlanta.

Black 21x32 2021 Angela Carter
Black 21x32 2021
Colored 21x32 2021 Angela Carter
Colored 21x32 2021

I use paint, ink and dye as a base. Some of the Art is adorned with hand stitched beading, gold leaf and photography while others are made with construction items, in the same rhythm as the lines and shapes.

I find inspiration in the world around me. My culture, the migration of my family and our stories. I combine this with my love for textiles, architecture and interior design.  

New 14x20 2021 Angela Carter

New 14x20 2021

New New 16x20 Angela Carter
New New 16x20 2021

Layered  50x71 2021

High Yellow 35x71 2022

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