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R.O.B.O.T the Eve of Style

I am always learning new things, and it is great when a client needs something just a little different.

Beauty specialist and Hair artist Ms. Vee is one of the best hairstylist I've met. She is capable of doing anything when it comes to hair and beauty. Her company "Love Grows Hair" was in need of something that explained the experience that you have when you get your hair done by her. She also needed it to represent her personal style.

I really enjoyed myself and a couple of customers have already started to take notice.

We started by Vee styling her Hair and applying Make-up. I painted her torso with copper metallic body paint that we got from Norcostco in Atlanta.

We found the perfect location in the middle of a park. It looked like the perfect stop where the futuristic beauty expert would land to share her gift. The new Eve of Style.

After the images were complete I played with the color in LightRoom. I imported the best one for the message into Adobe Photoshop where I painted the Robot effects. I returned back to LightRoom for the finishing touches.

Can’t wait to see what we get ourselves into next.

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